We are a graphic design agency based in Dehradun, India. We are your one stop solution for all your designing needs. Be it Graphic Design, Packaging Design, Brochure Design, Catalog Design, Magazine Design, Book Cover Design or conceptualizing and designing advertising campaigns, hoardings and teasers we do it all.

Sharing ideas to help our client’s business to grow and thrive is our forte. We also work on strategizing and executing marketing campaigns for online and offline audiences.

We have been providing our services since 1987 and have a wide and varied client base from various sectors across more than 6 countries. We also specialise in News Channel Marketing, designing political campaigns in Hindi and English, School and Universities Brochure, Magazine, prospectus design, Box and Label packaging design and digital paintings.

In a nutshell


Effective branding promotes the same parts of the brain as belief. And like belief, it's about intrinsic, as well as extrinsic, values.

Take Nike for instance. Our belief of the brand isn't just based on a logo or a sports shoe, it's based on what Nike stand for and how that's communicated across every touchpoint.

Our task is to take your story to the masses (or flock) and make sure that we get across your persona, principles and what you ultimately stand for. The initial step could possibly be a new logo or it could possibly be an overview of your current communications.


They say never judge a book by its cover. However people do. First impressions count.

For example, that bottle of water on your desk or the packet of crisps in your bag. Maybe it was a colour that caught your attention. Probably it was the brand name or even simply the shape of the bottle. The 1st time you purchased either, it's what you saw on the shelf that assisted make the sell.

When there are only seconds to catch someones attention, only the powerful survive. It's our job to help new brands stand out in the market and make successful brands even stronger - so they can keep on to be best sellers.


Our expertise extends beyond branding and packaging to include a host of communication mediums across a range of sectors.

We are similarly comfortable doing work within your brand guidelines as we are creating them. Design and style isn't about ownership, it's about effectiveness. It's a collaborative approach which means we work with our clients, not for them - an approach that has seen us work together with several in-house departments in order to deliver on a brief.

No matter the level of a project — no matter if it's creating a designer hotel Brochure, a bespoke hand finished book cover or a website — we bring the same drive and determination to the table every time.